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Whether it is glamorous resident or a prestigious office building, we target that the customers enjoy the final product. We care about conveying the message or the experience that the architect wants to express. Based on our strong market knowledge , we go beyond the profile processing. As a turnkey solution provider our extended services includes calculations, drawings, production and installation.


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Precision and accuracy are the correct words to describe this stage : the beginning of the fabrication. Door and window frames are being cut with 45° and 90°. Later on, the profiles are drilled and milled for the necessary holes for the accessories.


Welding is purely depending on welders’ handcraft and capability of welding machine. These two must work in line and adjustments needs to be done towards perfection. Several times taking diagonal measures and after that a proper line welding is vital for the success of this step of fabrication.

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To ensure corrosion protection duplex coating is applied: one layer for primer coating and one layer for color retention. Before the paint application, surface is treatment is applied for better adhesion of the coating. Thickness of the layers and chemical composition of the coating decided by the atmospheric conditions where the project is located.


The last step of the production process is finishing and assembly of the hardware. Each unit is crafted by hand and that is why every piece is unique and one-of-kind masterpiece.

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Project Specific Approach

We carefully review the project, ask right questions to better understand your needs and offer solution which meets your requirements.


Steel windows are not the most economical solution on the market but we always try to optimize it by offering alternatives to meet your budget requirements.

Detail Drawing

To prevent undesirable consequences we agree on all details.  

Installation and aftersales service

We carefully install your steel windows and doors and continue giving service after sales.